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I started my organisation inproof in 2014 to help social profit organisations to achieve the impact and social change they want to create in the professional field and at the policy level by, among other things, using good practices as evidence.

My expertise and talent lie in the coordination and management of complex European projects. My passion is to support social profit organisations in this, so that they can fulfil their social mission and generate impact through targeted project and process support..

I always start with a needs analysis of the organisation and the stakeholders with whom I work. 

I support organisations step by step towards the ultimate delivery of an effectively feasible project, that is in line with the objectives of the particular funding programme.

My full expertise comprises:

E projectmanagement

I am happy to work with your organisation to develop abstract project ideas into concrete project proposals. I take into account the specific European project funding challenges and requirements from the European Commission or the competent National Agency.

I also assist with reporting on progress, results and budget, so the project file is administratively and financially sound. I like to set things in motion, but I also like to finish them!

E evaluation

As an expert I carry out external evaluations for the Flemish national agencies of Erasmus+ and for European network organisations that need to officially evaluate their project or work programme externally.

I ensure an independent and balanced assessment, based on specific criteria and competencies, as well as targeted recommendations to the project applicant or organisation in question.

E cooperation and networking

I am happy to help introduce and contact potential stakeholders such as foreign organisations, universities, European networks, etcetera. I also like to act as a liaison person for effective communication and cooperation between the various project partners.

I communicate transparently with colleagues from different departments or locations if I notice that the actors are not aligned when developing a proposal or implementing the project.

E coaching and tailored project advice

I strengthen the skills of project employees within your organisation by starting from what the employees themselves indicate where they are stuck and the direction they want to take, so that my advice and coaching are fully tailored to the person and the organisational context. In fact, inproof often offers support to multiple team members who work together on the project(proposal), so a productive dynamic is created.


writing a project application

Together, we will find a suitable funding programme for your project and we will prepare a project application, in line with the programme selection criteria.
My role varies according to your needs.

In addition to European projects, I also support social profit organisations in tenders for Flemish government services.

support in project implementation

With my strong organisation skills, I assist you in implementing your project. My flexible approach includes answering questions, small or large process improvements and concrete support for employees, for instance in budget management, project planning or as a process supervisor for Erasmus+ or ESF+ projects.

Again, my role varies according to your needs.

project assessment

Apart from project assessments for national agencies, I also assess ongoing and
completed European projects.

My recommendations contribute to the growth of organisations and provide insight to

Een beoordeling houdt ook steeds rekening met de context waarin het project tot stand kwam.

For more information and specific questions about how inproof can support you:

over inproof.

Katrijn Dekoninck

Founded in
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  • Since 2001, familiar with European subsidies and project management
  • Work experience in the profit sector, mainly human resources and consultancy and in the social profit sector, mainly the sector of persons with a disability and inclusion
  • Extensive experience in coordinating various small and large-scale projects, writing project applications for the social profit sector
  • Assessment expert for the National Agencies for Erasmus+ Flanders (EPOS and JINT)
  • Voluntary board member of the Movement of Persons with Low Income and Children (BMLIK) in Ghent
  • Obtained a Master of Science degree in Public Management and Public Administration with distinction, at the University Ghent in 2019, also qualified in Communication Management, Translation and Interpreting
  • Certified by the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA) as an EU Project Manager
  • Married and two children
Over inproof

"With inproof, I am very happy to use my expertise and experience to find additional resources for organisations, so that they can optimise their services and create more impact.”


Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the benefits of working together with inproof?

I start from what you, as an organisation, would like to achieve with a project idea, while I ask critical questions to focus on the idea or goal. We make clear agreements and provide each other with honest feedback during the cooperation process, so that every stakeholder becomes stronger and wiser .

During project implementation I respond to problems and questions that arise during the process, as a result of which people are no longer on the same page. The need for this is often underestimated in more complex projects with partners from different countries and cultures.

What are the rates and the duration of inproof’s services?

The rate depends on your demand and needs, so it will be discussed individually with you as a client. For small assignments, I work on an hourly basis, for larger ones I work on a half-day basis. The duration also depends on the type of project or the nature of cooperation that is on the table. We will discuss this together.

Does inproof also offer long-term cooperation opportunities or only specific project support?

In addition to short-term assignments, inproof certainly also offers support for multiannual projects. When both parties are satisfied, there is an added value in continuing the cooperation over several years. This also benefits the project partners in terms of recognition and trust.

Are there also European subsidy opportunities for small non-profit organisations?

There are European subsidy opportunities for every type of social profit organisation. It depends on what you want to achieve and how, and which values or broader themes you put forward, to determine which specific funding programme fits your project.

Does inproof also offer group training?

Inproof can certainly be an added value for group training if you, as an umbrella organisation with members from different locations or countries, want to set up writing sessions or project workshops to achieve concrete results.


international project office
Katrijn Dekoninck
ECQA Certified EU Project Manager
Phone: +32 (0)477/22 79 68
VAT BE0553 663 825

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