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Inproof – international project office – assists organisations in the efficient and effective implementation of European projects via tailored and straightforward advice, tools, training and coaching, with a focus on the social profit sector and schools (for further education).

We write project drafts for and together with organisations who do not have the time to find out all details & requirements of EU Calls for Proposals.

For schools (for further education), inproof develops real-life case studies for pupils, containing competencies which teachers wish to test or evaluate within their target group, e.g. as part of the course project or office management.



Co-operate across sectors, create, diversify

Inproof wants to help reinforce the resilience of organisations by stimulating innovative and constructive alliances between civil society, enterprises, research institutes, universities and public authorities at all levels. Connecting is key.

Connecting is key

Example: Via our network, we spot organisations and schools/universities who have a specific theme they would like to work on, but they do not have any available resources to write a project application, let alone contact potential partners in the country and/or in Europe. We set a meeting and explore how we can cooperate. Inproof also suggests partners and contacts them.


Get organised, anticipate, initiate, perform

Inproof helps out organisations in transforming ideas into concrete project proposals which can potentially be financed via European Union funding programmes, national funding agencies or other sponsoring programmes in the EU Member States. Entrepreneuring is key.

Entrepreneuring is key

Example: Organisations contact inproof or vice-versa. Together and without any obligation, we look at appropriate funding opportunities and take action to turn the project idea into a project proposal and eventually to reality.


Implement, evaluate, improve, learn

Inproof supports organisations in executing project, in evaluating their work programme, project plans or reports or revising project proposals. Inproof also assists in upgrading the skills of the organisation’s project officers via coaching, training or targeted advice. Above all, inproof focuses on continuous learning and sharing information, ideas and experiences.

Learning by doing is key

Example one: your organisation is managing a (European) grant of this size for the first time. You could use some hands-on advice on your overall work plan and how to coordinate all tasks and activities. Your project manager needs to learn him/herself, you do not want to outsource the work completely, so you ask inproof to coach internally and to provide training without taking over.

Example two: You need to report to the European Commission or your National Agency on the progress you made or they have asked you to improve quite a lot of things for the coming period. You are a bit lost as to where to begin and/or what they expect from you. Inproof can help you out.

Who is behind inproof?


Katrijn Dekoninck set up her own organisation, inproof, in 2014. She has been active on the European scene since 2001 and has extensive experience in managing small and large-scale projects, writing project proposals and organising international events. She has been working both in the social profit and profit sector.

She helps organisations write project applications and supports them in managing EU funded projects such as ESF+ (European Social Fund) or Erasmus+. In het past she coordinated large projects for other organisations and managed an operational grant from the European Commission for a European network in Brussels. She also trained EU officials on the use of competencies in selecting staff.

She acts as an evaluation expert for the National Agency in Flanders, Belgium and has been certified by the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).

She delivers presentations in different countries about European funding, effective project management and the value of entrepreneurship.

In 2019, she obtained with distinction a Master in Public Management and Public Administration at the University of Ghent.

Inproof works mainly in English and Dutch, but also masters the French and German language.

Finally, Katrijn works as a voluntary board member for an organisation of people in poverty in Ghent (Beweging van Mensen met Laag Inkomen en Kinderen) in Belgium.



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