(Teacher Project Management, Hogent)

autor: Katrijn Dekoninck

Sep 10, 2016 AUTOR: Katrijn Dekoninck
(Teacher Project Management, Hogent)

For the subject of Project Management, one of the courses of Office Management at the Hogent (College Ghent), we were looking for a case study for our students which would make a link with practice. This way, the students would work on a project which could be tested against reality. Katrijn of inproof wrote a case study for our group and presented it in a broader context of competency management, social entrepreneurship and European project management. During the assignment, she remained available for the students for questions and tips. She was also part of the jury to evaluate the way in which they had handled the case. This experience enriches our students and is beneficial to their Curriculum Vitae.

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